Free Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Application Form | PDF | WORD

If anyone wishes to apply for a credit card from the Commonwealth Bank can fill this form and submit it to any of the branches along with relevant documents.


This form is divided into ten sections. Begin the form by choosing the type of credit card you wish to apply for followed by the choosing the preferred credit limit. After that mention the personal details of the of the applicant including the full name, gender, date of birth, drivers license number, all the phone numbers, number of dependants, email address, visa expiry date, complete residential address,  length of time since living at the address, name of friend or relative not living with you and contact number.

Complete employment and income details need to be explained in the third section including the occupation (if any), student number (if any), employer’s full and legal name, complete address, tenure in the firm and gross income/annum & other gross incomes/annum. The fourth section requires the residential status and its value (if any) followed by the main account details of Commonwealth Bank (if applicable).

In the sixth section, provide the total account balance held in other financial institutions followed by the list of all assets that you own such as real estate, shares, mutual funds, motor vehicles, etc. After that, provide all the expenses and liabilities that are incurred. In the ninth section, if you wish to add a additional card holder then fill in their details along with the details of the balance transfer request (if applicable). Lastly, sign the document along with the date below the undertaking. After that the form also consists important notices and instructions for your information.

Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Application

Form Preview