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The Aircraft Bill of Sale form is one that is filled to recognize an aircraft being sold and record details of the buyer and seller of the aircraft. All details in this form must be filled in type only and not handwritten. Except for the signature that must be done in ink, all other details should be typewritten or printed.

Once filled, the form which has been signed in ink has to be mailed to

‘FAA Aircraft Registration Branch, P.O. Box 25504, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504’.

How to Fill this Aircraft Bill of Sale Form

  • To begin, the amount paid for the aircraft in US Dollars must be specified after the dollar sign ($).
  • The registration number, also known as the ‘N number’ should be filled in after the big ‘N’.
  • The aircraft manufacturer, model and serial number must then be entered. Make sure that these details are entered exactly as shown in the aircraft registration, including any dashes or letters (in case of serial number).
  • Space is provided to enter the exact date of the sale including day, month and year in this format – (example: 3rd day of February, 2017).
  • Full name and address of the purchaser comes next. Remember, if the purchaser is an individual then the name format is such – ‘Last name, First name, Middle initials’. Next, enter the full address including zip code and in case the purchaser is a dealer, then enter the Dealer’s Certificate Number.
  • After ‘AND TO’, enter his/her depending on the gender of the purchaser or ‘their’ in case of multiple purchasers. Next, enter I/we depending on single seller or multiple sellers. Next, enter my/our depending on the same. Lastly, enter the date in the same format as mentioned above.

Seller Details

  • Firstly, enter the name/s of the seller. Remember, type it exactly the way it is mentioned in the certificate of registration of the aircraft. All listed owners must be mentioned here.
  • The seller or all sellers mentioned in the aircraft registration must sign in this space in ink.
  • Under ‘Title’, simply mention ‘Owner’ is there is a single seller. If more than one owner, mentioned the type of ownership here.

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