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This is an Alabama Bill of sale From that can be used to create a Bill of Sale for any property, within the jurisdiction of the state of Alabama. This form is used to sell, assign or transfer the ownership of the said property from the Seller(The Original Owner) to the buyer(The New Owner). This is just a blank template that can be modified to suit the Sale you are performing, in case you face any difficulties, you can consult an attorney.

How to write this Alabama Bill of Sale Form

  • In the first blank at the top left of this form you need to enter the County in which this Sale is being executed.
  • The first paragraph of this Bill of Sale contains the declaration of sale that is being carried out.
    • You also need to fill in the full name of the seller who is selling the said property.
    • You need to fill in the full name of the Buyer who is going to buy the said property.
  • Then in the space provided you have to enter a description of the property, that is being sold.
  • The next paragraph contains the fact that the seller declares¬†the following points:
    • The said property is rightfully owned by the seller.
    • The seller has all the rights to sell said property to the buyer.
    • The property is free of all liens, mortgages, judgements or encumbrances of any kind.
  • The last line of this declaration is for the date of the Bill of Sale.
  • In the last blank below this declaration is a blank space for the signature of the Seller.
  • After the seller has completed this Alabama Bill of Sale Form, it needs to be signed and sealed by a Notary Public from the state/county.

After this Form is completed and the notary signs and affixes the seal, This sale is considered executed and complete. You can download this Alabama bill of Sale form by clicking on the download link given below.

Alabama Bill Of Sale Form

Form Preview