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The Alabama Vessel Bill of Sale Form is one that is needed to be filled for the purpose of transfer of ownership of a vessel/boat and for registration purposes. Under Alabama State Law, this document is required and is provided by the seller to the buyer. This form applies in particular to the Calhoun County of the state of Alabama.

(All boats in Alabama of 1972 and newer must be registered with a 12-digit hull number; the motor with horsepower and a serial number)

How to Fill the Alabama Calhoun County Vessel Bill Of Sale Form

  • To begin with, enter the agreed amount for which the vessel is being sold in US Dollars and then enter the date (day, month and year) of the sale of vessel.
  • Mention the name and address of the buyer in full, including the name of the city. Mention all names if more there are more than a single buyer.
  • Next, the boat details should be mentioned including make of the boat, model, year, hull serial number, vessel length (in feet), make and serial number of motor, HP (Horse Power), Alabama registration decal number, decal month and year.
  • Next, the buyer and seller both put down their names in full along with respective signatures. By signing, the seller is agreeing that the vessel has no attached mortgages or anything of the sort.
  • Conclude the form by providing the seller’s address in full along with city, state and zip code. The buyer must then apply for registration transfer in his/her county within 15 days.

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