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The Alaska Watercraft Bill of Sale Form is one that has to be filled during the process of transfer of ownership of a watercraft but this is only limited to the state of Alaska. The form is also an important document in the process of registration of the watercraft and it is to be completed upon sale of the watercraft.

How to Fill Alaska Watercraft Bill Of Sale Form

  • Begin by mentioning the county in the state of Alaska in which the sale is taking place.
  • Next, mention the exact amount the buyer is paying for the watercraft in US Dollars (mention in words and numbers both).
  • Follow this up with the full name/names of the buyer/buyers and the full name/names of the seller/sellers. Doing this is acknowledging the transaction by the two parties.
  • Now, fill in all the details of the watercraft to help in the identification process. These details include year of purchase, make (manufacturer) and model of the watercraft, style, length (in feet and inches), ‘other’, HIN (Hull Identification Number) and color of the watercraft.
  • In the next section, a few contrasting features of watercrafts have been mentioned – check the boxes as these apply to the concerned watercraft.
  • The seller then needs to decide whether he is selling the watercraft on ‘as-is’ basis or whether he is giving the buyer X amount of days to inspect it. He should check the box which applies and also mention the number of days if the second box is checked.

To complete the form, the seller/sellers must enter his name/their names along with signature/signatures and also mention the date of sale. By doing so, the seller is agreeing that the above information is true and accurate, and he also agrees that the watercraft is free from any loans or mortgages. A signature from the Notary Public is also required along with the date of commission expiry.

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