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To transfer the ownership of a vehicle, in California you need to sign a Bill of Sale. Both, the buyer and the seller need to have a copy to keep a record of the transaction details. A Bill of Sale form is provided by California Department of Motor Vehicles. Bill of Sale is a legal document which provides legal evidence for the transfer of vehicle ownership from one person (seller) to other (buyer). It exists at common law and is independent of any legislation.


How to Write

  • Step 1
    • Provide Vehicle/Vessel description.
    • Include the Identification Number (or VIN) of your vehicle. Usually the VIN of a car can be found at the base of the lower right end of the wind shield.
    • Proceed to include the model, year, make, license plate number of the vehicle. You can find this in the registration that belongs to the vehicle being sold.
    • In case you are selling a motorcycle you need to provide the motorcycle engine number. And if it’s a car that you’re selling this field must include the reading of the mileage.
  • Step 2: Provide the details of sale.
    • Enter your name and the name of the buyer or buyers.
    • Also include the date of sale in the box provided for the same.
    • Enter the dollar amount of selling price of the vehicle. In case of your vehicle being a gift to the buyer, indicate your relationship in the blank provided. And you will also need a dollar amount to be entered in the box that says “gift value”.
  • Step 3: Provide the details of seller and buyer.
    • Enter your name (seller), signature, date and dealer number. In case there are more than one seller, enter the second seller’s name, date and the seller must sign and provide his/her dealer number. Provide your contact information, which in this form is mailing address, along with city, state and the zip code and daytime phone number.
    • Also provide the buyer’s name and contact information.

As a seller in California, you don’t legally require a Bill of Sale, but without one, you might as well lose valuable information like purchase price, sale date, buyer’s contact information. The same goes with the buyer, as the buyer can keep a record of the details of sale and seller’s contact information.California does not require a bill of sale to be notarized. But, it requires a bill of sale to be signed by both the buyer and the seller.

California Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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