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The Bill of sale is a document that must be signed by the seller and buyer involved in the sale of a vehicle or vessel. A Printable Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form H-31) is provided by Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The bill of sale holds all the information pertaining to the sale of the vehicle. The citizens of the state of Connecticut are allowed to create their own bill of sale.

How to Write

  • The first section in the Form H-31 is about specifying the property or asset to be sold. Check one of the three options provided depending on whether you are selling a vehicle or a vessel. In case it is other than the two given options, check “Other” and specify the asset.
  • As a seller, you must provide your name and address in the next section. Your full address must contain street name, city, state and zip code.
  • The next section to follow is the selling price for which you (seller) have agreed to transfer the vehicle to the purchaser. Enter the dollar amount in the given box and proceed further to enter purchaser information.
  • The purchaser information must include the name and address of the purchaser.
  • Proceed to the section relevant to the vehicle details. You must give the required description of the motor vehicle (in case you have checked vehicle in the first part). This includes make of the vehicle, year and color, model name or number, body style (a sedan, minivan, etc.), odometer reading and the Vehicle Identification Number.
  • If you are filling the bill of sale for the sale of a vessel, skip the above step and proceed to fill the description of vessel. You need to provide the year built, the HULL I.D. Number (required if built 1973 or later), make of the vessel. Also, you need to specify the color of the vessel. Further mention the model and length, state where last numbered and previous number of the vessel.
  • After specifying the details of the parties involved in the sale and of the asset to be sold, now comes the certification and signature part. The seller must sign and mention the date of sale correctly.

In the state of Connecticut, to complete the title transfer and register the vehicle, the buyer needs a bill of sale. The bill of sale alone won’t complete the registration. The buyer is required to present this bill of sale to the Motor Vehicle Department with other forms required for proper registration. The state of Connecticut doesn’t require the bill of sale to be notarized. A buyer must be provided with vehicle’s title along with the bill of sale by the seller.

Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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