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Firearm (gun) laws differ from state to state so it is important that both parties (buyer and seller) adhere to the firearm rules and regulations in their area of jurisdiction. The Firearm Bill of Sale is a legal document that records the sale of a gun from seller to buyer and the form must be filled when the ownership is transferred for a certain amount of money.

How to Fill a Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Unlike most forms, in the Firearm Bill of Sale form, the acknowledgement done by the buyer is right at the start. He agrees to the multiple points at the top including the fact that he has never been convicted, is not a fugitive, is not mentally defective and more. The buyer must enter his/her full name along with signature.

The next section is for Firearm(s) sold. Here, the details of the gun being sold by seller to buyer should be entered. If multiple guns are being sold, details of all guns should be provided. These details include:

  • Make of the gun
  • Model of the gun
  • Caliber of the gun
  • Registration serial number (S/N)
  • Cost of the gun in US Dollars

The next section concentrates on the two parties between which this transaction is taking place. Mention the name of the buyer and seller both. Next, fill in the fully detailed address of the buyer and then of the seller. Next, enter the driver’s license number of both parties. Next, enter the CWL (Concealed Weapons License) which is a proof that both parties are eligible to own guns. Finally, enter the contact number of both parties.

The date of sale should be entered. If there are any other added conditions or clauses to the sale, it should be entered in the space provided at the bottom. End the form with signatures of the buyer and seller.

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