Free Florida Vehicle, Mobile Home, Vessel Bill of Sale | PDF | WORD

The prime and only purpose for the usage of the form must be for the sale of a Mobile Home, Vessel or a Vehicle within the boundaries of the state of Florida and must also comply with the state laws for the same.


This form is only applicable within the state of Florida and the laws of this state shall be considered.

The instructions you see below are provided to guide you throughout the form and make you understand the form as a whole and its technicalities.

Before you begin the form, choose from one of the options: Notice of Sale (Seller ONLY must complete sections 1 & 3). Purchaser does not need to sign. OR. Bill of Sale (Seller and purchaser must complete sections 1, 2, when applicable & 3), given on the top of the form and accordingly follow the steps.

Then coming to the main form, begin by providing complete description of the vehicle which is at sale which helps in the identification of the same and must include at least the year in which the vehicle was purchased, its make or the name of the manufacturer, the type of body it holds, model, color, certificate of title number, identification number, etc!

In the next segment, provide the legally registered name of buyer or purchaser (first, middle, last) followed by their complete address along with the city, state & zip code, the date on which the sale was inked and lastly the dollar amount at which the vehicle was sold.

After that, provide the latest reading of the odometer after choosing if it’s a 5-digit or a 6-digit number. The reading provided must be true to the best of your knowledge and lastly you must choose one option out of the options given on the form.

In the final segment of the form, the seller needs sign the document and also needs to mention their full name along with complete address and if there are any co-sellers in existence then their details must also be provided. After that the document also has to be signed by the purchaser.

By doing so, both the parties certify the sale of the vehicle and the details provided above are true to the best of their knowledge. The seller also confirms that they rightfully owned the vehicle and it was completely free from all loans, mortgages, liens, tax burdens, etc.

Florida Vehicle, Mobile Home, Vessel Bill of Sale

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