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A Florida Vessel Bill of Sale a legal document that is needed to complete a sale of a vessel in Florida. It records the transaction between the buyer and the seller. To transfer the ownership of a vehicle or vessel, a title transfer is required along with a bill of sale. If a vehicle has not been issued a title certificate previously, an application for the certificate should be accompanied with a proper bill of sale in accordance with the Title 23, Chapter 319, Section 23 of the Florida Statutes.

How to Write : Florida Vessel Bill of Sale Form

  • Begin with entering your (seller) name in the first line.
  • Further, on the same line enter the day, month and the year of sale. This is the date when the seller sells all his rights and interest in the vessel.
  • Now you need to give a proper description of the vessel. Begin with entering the Vessel Number and then proceed to enter HULL Identification Number in the next blank. A HULL Identification Number is a serial number that identifies the boat uniquely. It is like the VIN on a car. Proceed to enter the Make and Year of the vessel.
  • In the next blank specify the length of the vessel, followed by how the vessel is propelled. In the blank next to ‘Propelled By’ enter the details (sail boat propelled by an outboard motor or a jet boat propelled by an outboard motor, etc.)
  • Proceed to enter the purchaser’s name and the dollar amount for the boat value, motor value and trailer value.
  • Also enter the number of years you have owned this vessel for and specify the reason for it not being registered in any other state.
  • If the vessel is being bought as a package deal by the buyer, specify the trailer information. Include the Year, Make and empty weight of the vessel in this information. Follow it up with Seller’s Tag Number (if available) and ID number (if any).
  • The concluding part of this form must include the signatures of both the seller and the purchaser. Also mention the full address of the purchaser.

The Bill of Sale doesn’t require to be notarized in the State of Florida. A Bill of Sale can also act as a Notice of Sale, stating that you have sold your vehicle. You must submit this form to the local tax collector’s office as required by the FLHSMV. This must be done within 30 days of selling. The buyer needs the Bill of Sale to transfer the title and register the vessel.

Florida Vessel Bill of Sale

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