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A bill of sale is a legal document that is made between two parties (buyer and seller) to record a transaction between the two. A bill of sale form is one that is filled when the seller wants to transfer the ownership of any item, asset or property to a buyer in exchange for a certain amount of money.

This general bill of sale form is a form that can be used in general for the sale of any given item, be it a motor vehicle, or an artwork, or a vessel, or a gun or anything else; it is made between buyer and seller and is valid in any state of the USA.

How to Write a General Bill of Sale Form

To begin with, enter the date of sale of the item or property in question, in the top right corner of the bill of sale form.

Now, certain details of the seller and buyer need to be furnished. These details include full legal name, detailed address including city, state, zip code, home phone number, cell phone number and work phone number. These details of both buyer and seller are required.

The next few lines are for describing the item that is being sold by the seller. Quite a few lines have been provided so that the item in question can be described in as much of detail as possible, as this is a general bill of sale form. Remember to be as specific as possible.

Next needed are the cost details. Enter the amount being paid in return for the transfer of ownership (in US Dollars), as well as the form of payment (cash, check, etc).

The seller then acknowledges that all the details mentioned in this bill of sale are 100% true and accurate. The signature of the seller is required, followed by the signature of the buyer along with the date of signature of both buyer and seller.

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General Bill of Sale Form