Free Georgia Vehicle Bill of Sale | PDF | WORD

This form is only used when there is a transaction or purchase and sale of a vehicle takes place. This is sole reason for which this form can be exercised and that to only in the state of Georgia. It is also important to note that if this is a court ordered sale then you have to attach the court order and provide the case number under the Seller/Transferor.


All the pointers and instructions you see below shall help and guide you in understanding and filling the form.

You should begin the form by providing the date on which the sale of the vehicle took place, then state the full and legal name of the seller (first, middle, last) and their complete address with the city, state & zip code.

As mentioned in the beginning, if this is a court ordered sale then provide the court order case number and then the Georgia Tax ID number.

Next, you must describe the vehicle in detail which shall help the identification process (if required). This should include the year of the vehicle, the make of it and the identification number of the same a.k.a (VIN).

Then provide the full and legal name of the buyer / purchaser (first, middle, last) along with their complete address in the format as that of the seller.

By filling this document the seller certifies that the vehicle does not hold any liens, security interests, or encumbrances and if there are any then the same must be mentioned in the given field.

By law, the seller also has to disclose the most accurate & recent odometer reading which must be correct as far as their memory goes. If not then one of the option which best suits your situation from the given two alternatives must be chosen.

The Information in the next section is required for vehicles that are not purchased from within the state of Georgia or when pursuant to a court order.

Lastly, after the details of the form are thoroughly filled, it must then be signed by both the parties certifying that the seller rightfully owned the vehicle and that they have now sold it to the aforementioned buyer.

Georgia Vehicle Bill of Sale

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