Free Illinois Junk Vehicle Bill of Sale Form | PDF | WORD

This form “junk vehicle bill of sale” is brought to use only for the purpose of certifying that the owner of the vehicle is rightfully giving the said vehicle for disposition and thus a junking certificate for the same shall be issued.


Please note that, this form in no way accounts to or can be considered as the transfer of ownership form. One must also understand that the form is only applicable within the state of Illinois and does not hold any acceptance or stature elsewhere.

The instructions mentioned below only help the user to understand the pointers stated on the form and its sole purpose.

This form begins with the address of the “Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department,” where this document has to be submitted after completion.

The main form must be initiated with the full and legal name of the current owner (first, middle, last) followed by their complete address which must consist the city, state & zip code.

After that provide the full and legal name of the business entity / individual to whom they are selling the vehicle for disposition along with a detailed description of the given vehicle which should include the model of the vehicle, the year in which the model was made, the vehicle’s make and finally the identification number of the vehicle also known as (VIN) for identification purposes. You must also provide the dollar amount at which the vehicle was sold to the purchaser.

Lastly, after the form is thoroughly filled; the document must be signed by the current owner and the purchaser followed by the present date. By doing so the owner certifies that they rightfully own the aforesaid vehicle. Also, it confirms that the aforementioned details are true to the best of their knowledge and the vehicle is not bound by any loans, liens, mortgages, etc.

Illinois Junk Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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