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The Johnson County Vehicle Bill of Sale Form should be filled at the time of sale of a vehicle within Johnson County in the State of Wyoming. The form is a legal document that will record the sale transaction between seller and buyer of a vehicle in this County of Wyoming.

Here’s How to Fill the Johnson County, Vehicle Bill of Sale Form:

  • Begin by entering the full legal name of the transferor or auctioneer (auctioneer is one who is doing the sale of behalf of the seller) and follow this up by entering the date of the sale transaction.
  • Now enter the full name of the current owner of the vehicle (seller); the one who owns all rights to the vehicle being sold.
  • After this, describe the vehicle by entering the color of the vehicle, year of manufacture, make and model as well as the VIN (vehicle identification number).
  • After describing the vehicle, enter the full legal name of the buyer of the same vehicle followed by the amount being paid for the vehicle (sale price) in US Dollars. Lastly, the seller must sign along with the date of signature.
  • The document must then be handed over for notarization. The date of notarization must be mentioned by the Notary Public and also the date of commission expiry. This form is then complete.

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Johnson Country, Vehicle Bill of Sale

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Johnson Country, Vehicle Bill of Sale