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The Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale is to be filled to document the sale transaction of a vehicle within the state of Kansas. As each state has its own laws with regard to transfer of ownership of a vehicle, this form has an added document known as the Affidavit to a Fact’ which asks the new owner how they obtained the vehicle in question.

Let’s begin with the Affidavit:

  • Start by entering details about the vehicle – year of manufacture, make of the vehicle and identification number.
  • There are seven options that can be checked with regard to how the vehicle was obtained by the new owner – check one of the seven boxes and fill in details of the option checked:
    1. Received vehicle as a gift
    2. One and the same person (used when incorrect or changed name)
    3. Disclaiming ownership (when renouncing ownership)
    4. Title assignment (when adding a name to the title)
    5. Vehicle non-use (not operated for a full year)
    6. Relative of a member of the US military
    7. Antique license plate (when registering an antique vehicle with Kansas license plate)

The affiant must then sign the affidavit along with his/her full legal name and date of signature.

The Bill of Sale

Begin the form by entering the full legal name of the seller, followed by his/her address inclusive of city, state and zip code. Then enter the same for the buyer of the vehicle – name, address, city, state and zip code.

Mention details of the vehicle once again, inclusive of year of manufacture, make and VIN (vehicle identification number). Also enter the purchase price of the vehicle in US Dollars followed by the date of sale.

At the end of the form, the buyer and seller agree that all the information above is 100% true to the best of their knowledge and their respective signatures are required along with date of signature.

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Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form