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For most sale transactions between two parties in the USA, a bill of sale is essential as this legal document records the sale with all clauses, so as to avoid future disputes between the seller and buyer. The Maine Trailer Bill of Sale form is one that must be filled when a trailer is being sold and there is a transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer of the same.

How to Prepare and Write the Bill of Sale:

  • Begin the form by entering the full legal name of the seller of the trailer along with the name of business (if any), followed by the full address of the seller, inclusive of city, state and zip code of Maine State.
  • Mention the amount to be paid for the trailer in USD ($), followed by the full legal name of the buyer of the same and the name of the business (if any). Follow this with the detailed address of the buyer, inclusive of city, state and zip code.
  • Also, enter the phone number of the buyer and his date of birth, if the buyer is an individual and not a business.
  • Now, details of the trailer are required – year of manufacture, color, empty weight of the trailer, GVW (gross vehicle weight), make/manufacturer, style (horse, boat, van, utility, etc) and the VIN (vehicle identification #) of the trailer.
  • The seller acknowledges that he is selling the trailer without any liens attached and he ends the bill of sale document by signing at the bottom, along with the date of his/her signature.

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Maine Trailer Bill of Sale