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This is a fairly easy to fill form and the instructions are mentioned on the form itself. The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Bill of Sale form is filled to release interest in an OHV (off-highway vehicle). The document must be filled and submitted to the address given at the top of the form. An OHV is any vehicle capable of driving off your normal paved or gravelled roads.

Instructions to Prepare a Bill of Sale:

  • Enter the purchase price of the OHV in USD ($) – both in words as well as in figures.
  • Enter the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the OHV.
  • Enter the year of manufacture, the make/manufacturer, model and date of filling this bill of sale.
  • Also enter the type of OHV being sold and check any one between ‘Motorcycle, Snowmobile, All Terrain Vehicle, Side by Side, Dune Buggy or Other’ (specify if other).
  • Enter the full legal name of the buyer of the OHV as it would appear on his/her Nevada driver’s license or ID card, or name of business in case of a business.
  • Enter the buyer’s Nevada driver’s license number or identification card number, or FEIN in case of a business, along with DOB, phone number and email (optional). Also indicate ‘and or ‘or’ as to whether or not there are multiple buyers.
  • If yes, enter the same details of the other buyer’s as well, including full physical address and mailing address, inclusive of city, state and zip code. Signature of the buyer is needed, along with date of signature.
  • If there are any liens attached to the OHV, enter the name of the lienholder or name of business (if applicable). Also enter the full mailing address of the lienholder. If no liens, enter ‘None’.
  • The seller certifies and warrants that he is not a dealer and that he is the rightful owner of the OHV. Enter the full legal name of the seller (first, middle, last) followed by his/her driver’s license #/ID card #, or FEIN if seller is a business.
  • Also enter the full mailing address of the seller and conclude the form with the signature of the seller, as well as date of signature.

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Nevada Off Highway Vehicle Bill of Sale

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Nevada Off Highway Vehicle Bill of Sale