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The North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale form is one that is filled to legally document the sale of a vessel/boat in the state of North Carolina and avoid future disputes between the buyer and seller. It is restricted to use within this state only. For any questions regarding selling a vessel, call the number mentioned at the top of the form.

Steps to Prepare the Bill of Sale:

  • Enter the registration number of the vessel/boat.
  • Enter the make/manufacturer, model and year of manufacture of the vessel being sold. Also enter the North Carolina title number of the vessel (if applicable), followed by the HIN (Hull Identification Number).
  • Next, enter the full legal name of the seller of the vessel in question (names if multiple sellers) followed by the date of sale as well as the exact amount (in USD) that the vessel is being sold for.
  • Similarly, enter the full legal name of the buyer (names if multiple buyers) and end this section of the document with the signature(s) of the seller(s).
  • The last part is the notarization. The Notary Public should enter the date of notarization; give his official seal as well as date (month and year) of commission expiry.
  • The form should then be submitted to the office whose address is mentioned at the bottom of the form.

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North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale

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North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale