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The Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale form is one that is used when there is a transfer of ownership of a vessel or boat within the state of Oregon. There are a number of documents that could be used along with this form for registration of the vessel and this particular form must be completed (all sections) and submitted to the Oregon State Marine Board, at the address provided.

Instructions to Fill the Form:

  • The first section is for describing the vessel/boat being sold. Begin by entering the state assigned Certificate of Number and then enter the model, year of manufacture, make/manufacturer and HIN (hull identification number) of the vessel.
  • The next section is for providing seller information. After acknowledging that the above information is true and correct, the owner must enter his/her full legal name, should sign and enter the date of signing. If there are co-owners, their signatures and date of signatures should be entered too.
  • The final section is for buyer information. The new owner’s (buyer’s) full name should be entered (last, first, middle initial) along with names of other new co-owners (if any). The new owner’s detailed address inclusive of city, state and zip code is also required.
  • Lastly, the owner/seller should enter the full name and detailed address of the lienholder(s) of the vessel. If there are no liens attached to the vessel, this portion can be ignored.

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Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale