Free Personal Property Bill of Sale Form | PDF | WORD

This template is used in cases when an individual wishes to buy or sell a personal belonging or property and desires to secure the deal. This template can be customized as per your requirements to prepare a bill of sale form.


Instructions given below are stated to explain the process and guide you to fill the form correctly.

The form begins with full and legal name of the seller (first, middle, last, suffix) followed by the complete name of the buyer (first, middle, last, suffix) confirming the sale of the below described products. After that in the section below that, describe the product in details, for example: if it is a motorcycle that is at sale then provide the vehicle identification number (VIN #), make of the motorcycle, model, year of purchase, body style, etc.

In the third section, the payment method needs to be described including the dollar amount that was mutually agreed followed by the mode in which the payment shall be made which either could be a down payment initially and then the Full-n-final payment in the given days or a down payment initially and a promissory note for the balance payment. By filling this agreement the seller also certifies that they hold all the legal ownership rights of the product and that it is free from all loans, liens, mortgages, tax burdens or damages to the best of their knowledge and is being sold in a working condition. If there are any damages or defects then it shall be stated in the fifth point.

In the seventh point, the mode of delivery shall be chosen which either could be immediate possession of the goods taken by the buyer, buyer takes the responsibility of picking the goods within the given days or by paying a certain amount of additional delivery charge the seller will deliver the goods to the given location. If there are any additional terms or conditions to this agreement then they can be stated in the eighth point.

Lastly, both the parties need to sign the document along with the present date and the seller also needs to mention their address.

Personal Property Bill of Sale Form

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