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The Tennessee Bill of Sale does the work that any other bill of sale would do – legally recording a sale transaction between two parties. Here, the Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale form is one that is filled when the transfer of ownership of a watercraft has to be completed from seller to buyer, within the state of Tennessee.

Steps to Fill Bill of Sale:

  • Enter the name of the county of Tennessee State, in which the sale of a watercraft is taking place. Follow this up by mentioning the exact date of sale of the watercraft.
  • Enter the exact amount being paid for the watercraft in question. Enter this amount in US Dollars – both words and figures.
  • The full legal name of the buyer(s) of the watercraft must then be mentioned, followed by the full legal name of the seller(s)/owner(s).
  • Next, details of the watercraft must be furnished. Mention the make/manufacturer of the vehicle, the model, year of manufacture, HIN # (Hull Identification Number), the length of the vessel (in feet and inches), and the present Tennessee license number on the boat.
  • The seller must then enter his phone number so that he can be contacted if verification is needed.
  • The seller acknowledges that the above information is 100% true, that he is the rightful owner of the watercraft, and that there are no liens/encumbrances attached to the vessel.
  • End the form with the signature, full name and address (street, city, state, zip code) of both parties – buyer and seller.

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Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale