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The Utah Bill of Sale form is one that is filled to legally record the sale of any vehicle and its transfer of ownership from seller to buyer. The form is also known as Form TC-843 and it is only valid within the state of Utah. The form is provided by the Utah State Tax Commission and must be filled and submitted to the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) on the address provided at the top of the form.

Steps to Fill Bill of Sale:

  • Firstly, the type of vehicle being sold should be mentioned by checking one of the boxes provided – Automobile, Light Truck, Van, Utility Vehicle, Heavy Truck, Trailer, Motorcycle, OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle), Snowmobile or Boat.
  • Next, enter the amount being paid in consideration of the vehicle. Remember to enter this amount in USD ($) – in words and figures, both.
  • Next, enter the full legal name of the payer/ buyer of the vehicle in question.
  • Also enter the full legal name of the seller of the vehicle.
  • Now, provide details of the vehicle – year of manufacture, make/manufacturer, model, VIN (vehicle identification number) and Utah State license number.
  • The seller warrants and acknowledges that the vehicle is free from all kinds of liens, encumbrances or mortgages. To conclude the form, the seller’s signature is required right at the bottom, along with the date of signature.

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Utah Bill of Sale – Form TC-843

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Utah Bill of Sale - Form TC-843