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The Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership form (Form 848) is used to certify that the owner of a boat is the owner of the said boat in the state of Alaska. Every boat in Alaska has to be registered and this Affidavit serves as an important aspect of registration of a boat in this state. A certain amount of documents and details need to be furnished for filling this form.

How to Fill the Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership Form

  • Begin filling the form by giving the HIN (Hull Identification Number) of the boat in question and then giving more details of the boat. These details include the model year or the completion year of the boat as well as the make (manufacturer) and model of the boat.
  • Next are some details of the owner. Begin by entering the full name of the owner and the exact date that he/she purchased the boat; this acknowledges ownership of the boat.
  • Now, the owner must mention in what manner he acquired the boat. Choose any one box from the following: Dealership – New, Dealership – Used, Newspaper Advertisement, I built the boat, Garage Sale, Gift or Other. If you have selected ‘Other’, specify the source the boat was obtained from in detail. If applicable, also mention the name of the person/business from which the boat was obtained.
  • To conclude the affidavit, the signature of the owner is required at the bottom of the form. By doing so, he/she agrees that the above information is all accurate as per his/her knowledge.

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Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership

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Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership