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An Arizona Small Estate Affidavit of Real Estate is a form that can be filled by all rightful heirs of a deceased person to claim his/her real estate when there was no will made. The assessed value of the property of the decedent must not exceed $100,000 to be able to fill this particular form, and it is restricted to the state of Arizona only. Also, six months must have passed since the death of the decedent in order to be able to fill this form.

Steps to Fill this Form

  • The person filling the form (rightful heir) should begin the form by filling in his/her personal and contact details and should also mention who he/she is representing by checking the appropriate box.
  • Mention the county in Arizona State, in which the estate lies and case number.
  • Enter the name of the decedent and tick whether he/she was an adult or minor. The person(s) filling the form then acknowledges that the details in this form are 100% true.
  • Mention the name and date of death of the deceased. Also mention the place of death and tick whether he/she died in the same county or different county, but owned estate in the earlier mentioned county of Arizona.
  • Then explain your relationship with the deceased, followed by a legal description of the real property being claimed. Then, also describe in what way the decedent had an interest in the given property.
  • There are several reasons specified as to why the affiant(s) is entitled to claim the property. Tick one of the boxes as appropriate. If the affiant’s name is in a will of the decedent, mention the date of the will, court name and the case number.

The affiant must then take an oath, certifying that all the above details are correct. He/she should enter their full legal name, sign and enter the date. This should then be notarized by a Notary Public and two copies of this notarized oath are required.

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Arizona Small Estate Affidavit Of Real Estate

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Arizona Small Estate Affidavit Of Real Estate