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This small estate affidavit form is one used to legally record the left behind property of a deceased person within the state of Colorado. Also known as AFFIDAVIT FOR COLLECTION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY PURSUANT TO SMALL ESTATE PROCEEDING, the form is to be filled by the successor/s of the deceased person. Atleast 10 days have to have passed since the death of the decedent in order to be able to fill this affidavit form.

Instructions to Fill This Affidavit form

  • Enter the name of the state (in this case, Colorado) and county in which the estate of the decedent exists.
  • Next, write the full legal name of the successor of the decedent. If more than one successor, mention the names of all successors.
  • Also mention the full legal name of the decedent.
  • The successor/s acknowledge that he/she/they are the real successors of the deceased and that the estate of the decedent does not exceed 60,000 US Dollars. Also that he/she/they are entitled to all the money or property that the decedent possessed.
  • If the deceased owned a vehicle as well, mention details of that vehicle – make.manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and vehicle identification number.
  • Signature/s and date of signature/s of the successor/s are required.

The affidavit needs to be notarized in order to conclude the form. The date of notarization, name of county in the state of Colorado, Notary Public’s signature, seal and date of commission expiry are required.

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Colorado Small Estate Affidavit Form – DR2712

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Colorado Small Estate Affidavit Form Dr2712