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A small estate affidavit is used when a deceased person has left back a small estate which has to be distributed among his successors. This Delaware Small Estate Affidavit Form is restricted to use within the state of Delaware and is to be filled after a minimum of 30 days since the passing away of the decedent. Also, the total value of the estate should be within $30,000.

Instructions to Fill this Small Estate Form

  • Enter the name of the County of Delaware State in which the estate exists.
  • Now enter the full legal name of the affiant, followed by the affiant’s post-office address and residential address. Enter the residential address of the decedent as well, along with the exact date of his/her death.
  • The affiant acknowledges to a number of points such as 30 days have passed since death of the decedent; no applications or petitions exist in any jurisdictions; all debts are paid for; affiant is the successor of the decedent; decedent did not have any solely owned real estate in Delaware, and more.
  • The statement is made under the penalties of perjury and the affiant’s signature is required.
  • After this, the affidavit needs to be notarized by a Notary Public of Delaware State, with date, name, seal and commission expiry date. Now, the form has been completed.

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Delaware Small Estate Affidavit Form

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Delaware Small Estate Affidavit Form