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A small estate affidavit form is one that is used to legally list the property left behind by a deceased person. The Denton County Texas Small Estate Affidavit Form is one that can be used after 30 days since the death of the decedent and only if the total value of the estate is less than or equal to USD 50,000. Also, the form is used if the decedent dies without making a will.

How to Fill this Small Estate Form

  • Begin with mentioning the full legal name of the deceased person, whose estate is in question.
  • Pursuant to Chapter 205 of the Texas Estates Code, affiant and 2 disinterested witnesses appear to make this affidavit. Enter the date and name of County (in this case, Denton).
  • Enter the entire detailed residential address along with name of county of the decedent at the time of death.
  • There are three boxes with regard to the use of medicaid by the decedent. If third box is ticked, a Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP) certification is to be filed along with the affidavit.
  • The next section is for the list of assets of the decedent. List down all the assets, their exact value and additional information in as much detail as possible, in order to be able to identify the mentioned assets.
  • Mention if the decedent was single or married. If married, mention date of marriage.
  • The next section is for family history. Firstly, enter entire details of all children of the decedent. Secondly, mention the same details of the decedent’s grandchildren (if applicable). Details of the decedent’s parents need to be answered only if he/she did not have any children or grandchildren.
  • Next, mention entire details of siblings – depending on dead or alive, fill accordingly.
  • On the basis of the entire family history charted out, the last portion is for the list of all rightful heirs of the decedent, and their personal and contact details. Also, mention each one’s separate share of personal, real and community property.
  • The signatures of all distributees mentioned above are needed.
  • This is followed by signatures of the two disinterested witnesses.

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Denton county Texas Small Estate Affidavit Form

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Denton County Texas Small Estate Affidavit Form