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A small estate affidavit form is one that is used to list down the owned property of a certain deceased person. Ellis County Texas Small Estate Affidavit Form can be used if the decedent’s estate is less than or equal to $50,000 and atleast 30 days have passed since the death of the person whose estate is in question.

How to fill this Estate Affidavit Form

  • Enter the full legal name of the decedent.
  • Again enter the name of the decedent along with the exact date of his passing away and in which county of Texas State that he/she passed away.
  • Name the county which the decedent resided in and domiciled in at the time of death.
  • Check one of three boxes with regard to whether the decedent received Medicaid benefits or not.
  • The next section is for the decedent’s assets. List down all the assets the decedent owned along with the approximate values in USD. If the assets need any additional information to help with identification, please mention.
  • The next section is for all the debts and expenses pending of the decedent. Describe each debt/expense along with the respective balances due. Also list attorney’s fees and name who will pay those fees.
  • The next few sections is for knowing the family history of the decedent to identify the distributees. This includes full marital details, children details (both adopted and born), parents details, siblings details and other family details.
  • List the name of each and every distributee, along with their personal details and each one’s share of personal, real and community property.
  • Affidavits and signatures of each distributee is required, along with the affidavits and signatures of 2 disinterested witnesses, all of which need to be notarized.

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Ellis County Texas Small Estate Affidavit Form

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Ellis County Texas Small Estate Affidavit Form