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A General Affidavit is a written sworn declaration or statement by an individual confirming certain facts to be true which can also be used as evidence in the court of law. This is a general affidavit and can be modified as per individual requirements. This affidavit is signed under oath in-front of the Notary and must be notarized by a Notary Public.


It begins with the name of the state and county in which the process is taking place followed by the full and legal name of the individual (first, middle, last) along with their complete address including the city, state & the zip code. The undertaking states that the aforementioned individual personally came to the under-signed Notary and under oath has signed this document and confirms that the reason for which they are doing so is true and correct to the best of their knowledge.

After that, state the reason for which this affidavit is being made. For example; during a legal proceeding a witness wishes to give a statement they can record the same by jotting it down on a general affidavit in-front of a Notary and submit the same in the court. If information given in the affidavit found to be incorrect then a legal action can also be taken against the individual.

Lastly, the document needs to be dated and signed by the affiant followed by, it being sealed by the Notary Public.

General Affidavit Form

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