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The Georgia Small Estate Banking Affidavit Form is also known as the BANKING AFFIDAVIT OF SURVIVING RELATIVE INTESTATE ESTATE form. The form is to be used only within the state of Georgia, if the decedent had no will and their only asset was money deposited in a bank; the amount of which should be less than $10,000. The clauses should be read in detail before filling the form.

How to Fill this Affidavit Form

  • To begin the affidavit, mention the name of the County of Georgia State in which the decedent resided.
  • Enter the full legal name and detailed address of the decedent.
  • Enter the name and exact address of the financial institution in which the money was deposited.
  • Enter the name of the affiant who agrees that he/she has personal knowledge of the deceased person. Mention the relation the affiant had with the decedent and also the exact date of death of the decedent.
  • After acknowledging the clauses of this small estate banking affidavit form, the affiant’s signature is required at the bottom and the form also needs to be notarized by a Notary Public of Georgia State.

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Georgia Small Estate Banking Affidavit Form

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Georgia Small Estate Banking Affidavit