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The Idaho Affidavit of Heirship Form is an affidavit form that is to be utilized within the state of Idaho only. This type of affidavit form is used to determine the list of rightful heirs of a certain deceased person and allocate his estate accordingly.

Instructions to Fill the Form

  • Begin the form with the name of the decedent along with the name of the county of Idaho State in which the decedent resided.
  • Enter the name of the affiant who agrees to having known the decedent and his/her driving license number as identification proof. Also enter the residential address of the affiant and the name of the decedent once again.
  • Mention the dates between which the affiant knew the decedent. Mention the date, city, county and state of death of the decedent. Also mention his/her residential address at the time of death.
  • Tick yes or no with respect to whether the decedent left back a will or not. If yes, a copy of the same is to be attached. Also tick yes or no whether the will has been admitted to probate. If yes, mention the name of county and case number of probate.
  • Give details of the decedent’s surviving widow/widower. If married more than once, give details of the former spouse as well.
  • Give names, addresses and other specified details of all surviving children of the decedent. The give details of any deceased children. Similarly, give details of grandchildren of the decedent. If he/she had any adopted or step-children, give details of them as well.
  • Then give complete details of parents and siblings. If these don’t exist either, mention details of all known other relatives.
  • Mention the relation the affiant has with the decedent. Also mention how long the affiant has known the decedent and the form is concluded with the affiant’s signature and notarization by a Notary Public of the state of Idaho.

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