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The Idaho Small Estate Affidavit Form, also known as the collection of personal property by affidavit and summary administration procedure for small estates. The form is restricted to use within the state of Idaho, can be filled 30 days after the death of the decedent and can be used only if the value of the estate is less than $100,000.

There should be no application for the appointment of a personal representative pending or granted by any jurisdiction. The successors are entitled to the decedent’s property as mentioned in this affidavit.

Instructions to Fill this Affidavit Form

  • Enter the name of the decedent, the name of County in which he resided, his exact date and place of death.
  • List down the names of all successors/rightful heirs and their respective proportions of the estate of the decedent.
  • Signatures of the affiant(s) are required. Then, the affidavit must be notarized by a Notary Public for Idaho State.
  • An affidavit in lieu of probate is attached, to remove name of a deceased spouse from ownership of a property. Again, enter the name of County, name of spouse and give decedent details. Give date of marriage and list down and describe all the property of the decedent that was community property at the time of death. The signature of the spouse is required and this affidavit requires notarization¬†by a Notary Public for Idaho State as well.
  • Probate details are attached to this affidavit for reference and ease to fill the affidavit.

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Idaho Small Estate Affidavit Form

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Idaho Small Estate Affidavit Form