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The Illinois Affidavit of Heirship Form is a legal document to be used within the state of Illinois. Using this form, the affiant lists down all the rightful heirs of the decedent and that helps with the distribution of the decedent’s estate (if any).

Steps to Fill this Heirship Form

  • Enter the full legal name of the affiant followed by his/her full detailed address.
  • Mention the relationship between the affiant and the decedent.
  • Enter the exact date of death of the decedent, along with the county and state in which he/she passed away. Attach the death certificate as well.
  • Next, describe in detail the property owned by the decedent at the time of death. Be as elaborate as possible.
  • Mention whether or no the decedent has left a will. If yes, attach a copy.
  • List down the name(s) of the decedent’s spouse(s), along with the marital status with each one.
  • Now list down the names, status and age of all children of the decedent, both born and adopted.
  • If the decedent died without any surviving child or spouse, list down all other known relatives in detail. Also mention the total value of the decedent’s estate, ensuring it does not exceed allowed limits as per state law.
  • If any debts are outstanding, mention the property from which the claims will be paid off. Similarly, mention whether the Federal Tax and Illinois Estate Tax have been paid or not.
  • Enter Title Insurance number.
  • The document must be signed at the bottom by the affiant and it should be notarized by a Notary Public of Illinois State.

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