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An Illinois Small Estate Affidavit Form is one used within the state of Illinois to legally record an estate left behind by a deceased person and to whom the said estate must be distributed. The form can be used only if the total value of the said estate does not exceed $100,000.

Instructions to Fill this Affidavit:

  • Enter the County in Illinois State in which the estate exists.
  • Enter the full legal name of the affiant, along with his/her post office address and residential address.
  • If the affiant is an out-of-state resident, mention name, address, city and telephone number of his/her agent in Illinois. The Clerk of the Circuit Court becomes automatic agent if the previous specified or if mentioned agent cannot be contacted.
  • Enter the name of the decedent along with date of death of the same person. Also enter the decedent’s residential address at the time of death.
  • The next section is to list down the assets owned by the decedent. List each asset along with a good description and it’s fair market value.
  • If the estate included vehicles, provide the following details of each vehicle – make, body type, year, model and VIN (Vehicle identification Number). Also enter the year in which the vehicle was last licensed in Illinois State, along with license plate number(s).
  • The next section includes 7 classes of debts due. Either tick (a) for debts paid or (b) for unpaid and then fill in the details as requested. The classes – funeral expenses, spouse/child award, debts due to USA, money due to employees, property held in trust, debts due to the State, and all other claims.
  • Enter the names, relationships, addresses and age of all surviving spouses and children. Enter the award due to these people in USD ($).
  • Then, depending on whether or not the decedent left a will, fill point 10 of the affidavit. List down all the distributees of the decedent’s estate along with the portion of estate to be distributed and other details asked for.
  • Mention the relationship between the decedent and the affiant. The form must then be signed by the affiant and notarized by a Notary Public of Illinois State.

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