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The Iowa Affidavit of Heirship form is a legal document that is used to record all the rightful heirs of a certain deceased person within the state of Iowa. Depending on this affidavit, the estate of the decedent can be distributed proportionally.

Instructions to Fill this Form

  • Enter the name of the decedent and county of Iowa state in which he/she resided.
  • Enter the name of the affiant and his/her driving license number as well, as proof of identification. Along with name, provide residential address of the affiant as he/she acknowledges to knowing the decedent.
  • Enter the dates between which the affiant knew the decedent. Enter the date and place of death of the decedent, along with residential address at the time of death.
  • Indicate whether the decedent had a will. If yes, indicate whether it has been admitted to probate. If yes again, enter the probate details. If no will, indicate whether there is a personal representative appointed for the estate of the deceased. If yes, enter details of the representative as well.
  • Enter the details required for the decedent’s surviving widow/widower. If more than one spouse, mention all details below. Also, give all details asked for of surviving children of the decedent. Give same details for any deceased children.
  • Mention same details asked for, for grandchildren of the decedent, as well as adopted or step-children.
  • The next section is for unpaid debts. Mention all creditors along with amount of each debt and whether or not debt has been paid.
  • If the decedent left no kids, enter the details asked for, for surviving parents and siblings. If none, mention details of all other known relatives of the decedent.
  • If the decedent owned any real estate, list them and describe each property.
  • Mention the relationship of the affiant with the decedent and sign. The form must be notarized by a Notary Public of Iowa State.

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