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Also known as the Claim of Heir And/Or Beneficiary Affidavit, the Kansas Small Estate Affidavit Vehicles Form is used to know the rightful heir of a deceased person’s estate (vehicles) provided the value does not exceed $40,000. The form is provided by the Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles, Kansas State. It is taken for granted that all unpaid debts have been paid or will be paid. Also, no petition for the appointment of an executor of the decedent’s estate should be granted or even pending.

Instructions to Fill this Form

  • Mention the name of the County of Kansas State.
  • Now enter the full legal name of the affiant, followed by the name of the decedent, exact date of death and address (city and state) at the time of death.
  • List down details of all beneficiaries of the decedent’s estate. Attach an addition page if needed. These details include – name,. age, relationship with decedent and address.
  • The next section is for vehicle(s) details. Enter the following details for the decedent’s vehicle(s) – value in $, VIN, year of manufacture, make/manufacturer, style, and the odometer reading, excluding 10ths. Also select one of three boxes with respect to whether the odometer reflects the actual mileage of the vehicle or not.
  • Mention how the vehicle(s) is/are going to be apportioned among the affiants (if more than one).
  • Mention the affiant’s name, enter the date and the affiant should sign the document. Notarization is not required.

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Kansas Small Estate Affidavit Vehicles Form

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Kansas Small Estate Affidavit Vehicles Form TR83B