Free Florida Living Will Sample | PDF | WORD

The following form can be used to prepare a living will in the State of Florida. This form is generic and suggested form of a Living Will, Florida Statutes Section 765.303 and can be modified as per your requirements.


Begin with the present date followed by your full and legal name declaring that your family, friends or the attending physician respect and honor you decision that your death should not be prolonged by any artificial methods when your condition is either of the following; I have a terminal condition, I have an end stage condition or I am in a persistent vegetative state (choose any or all). After that, state the details including the full and legal name (first, middle, last), complete address with the city, state & zip code and the phone number of the person who you wish to choose to be able to convey this decision of yours on your behalf.

Next is the field where you need to mention the additional instructions that you would like everyone to be aware of (if any). After that, sign the document confirming that you understand the importance of this Will and that you are emotionally and mentally fit to take this decision followed by the full name, complete address and the zip code of two witnesses to testify the same needs to be stated. The form also states that if the principal does not or is not able to designate a surrogate then that shall not nullify the form and it shall still remain in effect.

In the end of the document are answers of certain frequently asked questions in relation with the form which should be read to understand the procedure better.

Florida Living Will

Form Preview