Free Florida Adult Petition For Change Of Name 12.982-a Form | PDF | WORD

When an Adult in the State of Florida wishes to change their name can do so by filling this form to file a petition for change of name. The boundaries of this form are only limited to the state itself. This form must mandatorily be signed in-front of a Notary Public and submit it to the clerk of the circuit court.


The form contains special notes and guidelines on how to fill the form and how/where to submit the same followed by the main form which needs to be initiated with the name of the court and county in which the petition is being filled along with that the case number, division and petitioner. Then fill in your full and legal name (first, middle, last), the name you wish to be changed to, complete address along with the city, state and zip code, date, city, county, state & country of birth, father’s & mother’s legal name followed by mother’s maiden name, the addresses you have lived in since birth, family details (name, age & address), choose if your name has ever been changed, choose if you are doing business or else mention the professional details such as the field, dates & address of all the places you have work in the past, educational qualification and its details, criminal history and if you have one then mention its complete details as requested, bankruptcy details, creditor’s judgment and their details.

Lastly sign the document followed by the full name, address, phone number and fax number certifying that I do not have any illegal purpose or ill thought to get the name changed and doing same shall affect any other individual. This document is being signed under oath in-front of the Notary Public and in case if this document is filled by a non-lawyer then their details should be given in the end.

FORM 12.982(a) Adult Petition for change of name

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