Free DS-63 Education Allowance Questionnaire Form | PDF | WORD

This form is used to understand the education allowance rates or in other words it is used to understand the educational costs incurred to attend the “school at post” and has to be submitted at the U.S. Department of State Office of Allowances on: U.S. Department of State, Office of Allowances (A/OPR/ALS), 2401 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20522-0103, Rm. L-314, SA-1. Fax: 202-261-8707, E-mail:


Initially the form contains a set of instructions or rather guidelines to be read before filling the same followed by the main form which enclose the post, country, school name, location of the school, type of school, language of instruction, the date when the school year begins and the date when it ends along with the number of school days, choose the grades available in the school for curriculum, costs for the current school year and the currency used for payments including the following columns; grade, basic tuition, books and supplies, transportation ( mileage for POV’s) & method of transportation between home and school, report of field trips and the currency used for payments including, description , destination, location, applicable grades & the cost, report of all the fees incurred and the currency used for the payments with the following columns in place; type, applicable grade, cost & annual / one-time / refundable & non-refundable. After that, provide the exchange rate per U.S. Dollar and the date followed by comments section (if any).

Lastly, the document needs to be signed by the approving officer along with the full name, title, agency & the contact details.

DS-63 Education Allowance Questionnaire Form

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