Free Georgia Rental Application | PDF | WORD

This is a Georgia rental application, rental application is used by prospective tenants two provide their information to landlord’s, who are seeking tenants for their residential properties.

This is a very simple form that the tenant must fill in with accurate information. In case any of the information provided in this application is inaccurate then the applicant may not be approved for tenancy by the landlord.

What to fill in this Georgia rental application:

  • In the first section of this Georgia rental application you need to fill in the following details.
    • The name of the property for which you are applying.
    • You requested move in date.
    • Your complete legal name.
    • Social Security number.
    • Driver’s license.
    • Date of birth.
    • Phone number, cell number, email address.
  • Next you must fill in the details about your current and previous residences which are:
    • Your current address.
    • Name of the landlord.
    • Contact number for the landlord.
    • How long have you been residing at your current residence.
    • Your current payment.
    • The reason for you leaving your current residence.
    • Your previous address.
    • Name of the landlord.
    • How long did you decided your previous residence.
    • Reason for leaving your previous residence.
  • Next you must enter the details about your employment both current and previous which are:
    • Name of current and the/or previous employment.
    • The name of the supervisor.
    • The supervisors contact number.
    • How long did you work there.
    • Income either per week, month or year.
  • Next you must include the details of any additional occupants who are going to stay with you:
  • Next you must also put in the description and weight of any pets that you are going to bring to the residential premises.
  • Next you must provide details about any prior evictions, bankruptcy is a felonies.
  • Next you must provide the names and addresses and contact numbers of both nearest relatives who will be contacted in case of emergencies.

Using the information provided by you in this Georgia rental application the landlord can then screen you according to the conditions and accept you if you fit in the criteria that they are looking for in a prospective tenant. You can download the PDF version of this rental application by clicking on the download link below.

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Georgia Rental Application

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