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This is an Alaska Office Space Lease Agreement, it can be used by a party who owns an office or multiple offices in the state of Alaska. This agreement has all the blanks to fill in the appropriate details related to an Office Space Lease. It also has all the terms and conditions that are required to carry out a proper Lease agreement.

How to Fill this Alaska Office Space Lease Agreement:

  • In the first part of this agreement you have to fill in the following details.
    • Name and Location of the corporation who owns the office space.
    • The name of the city and county in which the office space is located.
    • The approximate area (in square feet) of the office space.
  • The period for which the the office space will be leased.
  • The Details relating to the rent have to be filled as follows.
    • The Day of the month on which the rent has to be paid every month.
    • The amount of rent to be paid every month.
    • The amount of Late charge that will be paid in case of delay with the regular rent payment.
  • The address of the Lessor and Lessee to which any notices will be mailed or hand delivered.
  • The number of parking spaces that will be to provided to the Lessee, along with their demarcations on the architectural notes.
  • The Lessee will use only use the office space for the permitted purpose.
  • The Lessee will abide by all the laws that apply to it’s use to the premises.
  • The Lessee will take good care of the premises as per the agreement.
  •  The Lessor will agree to provide the following:
    • Repairs and Maintenance.
    • Utilities.
    • Janitorial Services.
  • This Alaska Office Space Lease Agreement is executed when the Lessee and Lessor sign at the bottom of this Document.

To make this Alaska Office Space Lease Agreement legally binding it has to be notarized by a registered Notary public from the state of Alaska. You can download this agreement by clicking on the download link below.

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ALaska Office Space Lease Agreement

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Alaska Office Space Lease Agreement