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This is an Arizona sublease agreement, it is used to sublease an already leased premises to a new tenant. A Sublease can only be carried out with the written consent of the landlord of the said premises. Since this is a legally binding document to consult with an attorney if you have any queries.

How to complete this Arizona sublease agreement.

  • In the first paragraph you need to enter the following details.
    • The date on which this agreement is being made.
    • The address at which this premises is located along with the name of the city and County.
  • Next you need to enter the following details:
    • The total amount of rent that needs to be paid by the sub- lessee in equal monthly instalments.
    • The amount of remaining rent that the lessee must pay to the landlord in equal monthly instalments.
    • The amount of damage deposit that must be paid by the sub- lessee on or before commencement of the lease.
  • The date on which the damage deposit will be refunded to the sub- lessee by the lessee.
  • The sub- lessee acknowledges that he agrees to all the terms and conditions that were set forth in the original lease agreement except for the terms and conditions related to the rent and damage deposit as stated above.
  • By signing this document the landlord acknowledges and gives his consent to this sublease agreement and agrees that the sub- lessee will not be evicted for a reason of breach of the lease or sublease agreement by the original lessee.
  • Any other additional arrangements terms can be filled in point eight of this document.

This agreement is considered legally binding only after all the three parties i.e. the landlord the lessee and the sub- lessee have signed the names in the spaces provided at the bottom of this document along with mentioning the date on which this agreement was signed on. You can download this Arizona sublease agreement by clicking on the download link below.

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Arizona Sublease Agreement Form

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