Free Colorado Monthly Lease Agreement | PDF | WORD

The following document is a Colorado monthly lease agreement, it is used when leasing a property but setting a flexible term of Lease. This agreement is applicable for the state of Colorado and abides by all the laws set forth by the state of Colorado.

How to fill in this Colorado monthly lease agreement.

  • You need to fill in the following details in the blanks provided in point one of this agreement:
    • The name of the owner and the resident.
    • The address of the owner and contact number.
    • The name of the agent who is authorized to manage the leased premises on behalf of the owner.
    • The name of the resident manager.
  • In point two you need to fill in the following details:
    • The full name of the complete address of the premises that is being leased.
    • The unit number.
    • The city.
    • A list of furniture that will be provided along with the premises.
  • The term of this Colorado monthly rental agreement is flexible and can be set to one of three options:
    • Option A is a month to month lease the term for which renews at the end of every month.
    • Option B is a fixed term lease a very and you’ll have two specify the date of commencement of this lease agreement along with the date of termination.
    • If the lease term for this agreement does not begin on the first day of the month then options see applies that the rent will be prorated the last day of that month.
  • In point four you get to set the amount of rent that will be applicable in the various scenarios of the different lease terms.
  • In point five you need to provide the postal address of the owner to which any and all notices according to this lease will be delivered to.
  • The tenant must agree that he will use the premises for residential purposes only and will not engage in any illegal activities on the premises.
  • The resident cannot assign/sublease full or part of the said premises to any other tenant without prior written permission from the landlord.
  • The tenant will not cause any noise nuisance and will abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by the landlord.
  • The tenant will also have two repair and maintain the said premises in good order and will pay reasonable charges for the repair of any damage caused by him other than normal wear and tear.

For this Colorado monthly lease agreement to be considered legally valid both the landlord and the tenant must provide their signatures and the specified places on the last page of this document. You can download the PDF of this agreement by clicking on the link below.

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Colorado Monthly Lease Agreement

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