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The following document is Delaware commercial lease agreement, it is used to lease a property for commercial use in the state of Delaware, USA. The difference between a residential and commercial lease agreement is that a commercial lease agreement the tenant can bring in machinery, equipment that is acquired for him to run his commercial business, whereas in a residential lease the tenant does not have permissions to bring such equipment or to conduct a business in the said premises.

How to complete this Delaware commercial lease agreement:

  • In the first section of this agreement you need to enter the following details carefully:
    • The date on which this agreement is being entered into.
    • The name of the landlord who owns the said premises.
    • The name of the tenant who is going to lease the said premises from the landlord.
    • The address of the land which is owned by the landlord.
    • The name of the portion (leased commercial space) of the land designated to be the leased premises.
  • The next you need to enter the terms and conditions related to the Lease:
    • The date of commencement and termination of this lease agreement.
    • The extended term for which the tenant can renew the lease for this commercial space.
    • The total amount of rent that the tenant has to pay, along with its breakdown in equal monthly instalments.
    • The day of the month on which the rent must be made payable to the landlord.
    • The address to which the rent has to be sent to the landlord.
    • The amount of security deposit that the tenant must pay to the landlord.
  • The tenant cannot Store any explosives, flammable is hazardous materials or devices on the said premises.
  • The tenant does not have the right to sublease or assign part or full of the said premises to a sublessor without prior written consent from the landlord.
  • The tenant must take the responsibility of keeping the said premises in proper order and repair is during the term of this lease.
  • The landlord will pay all general readership taxis are related to the premises that is being leased but the tenant must pay any private property tax related to the leased premises.
  • The tenant will have the permission to put up a sign of his business in accordance with the conditions set forth by the landlord.
  • The tenant will also receive parking space(s), as per the landlord’s terms and conditions.
  • Both the landlord and tenant must provide their postal addresses to which any notices required or permitted under this lease will be mailed to.

The rest of this Delaware commercial lease agreement contains terms and conditions related to the memorandum of the lease, the name of successes was lease, performance, brokers and waivers. Both the landlord and tenant must sign this agreement in the proper space is provided for them on the last page along with the signatures of for one witness each from the landlord’s party in the tenant’s party. If you want to download the PDF of this Delaware commercial lease agreement this click on the download link below.

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Delaware Commercial Lease Agreement

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