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The following agreement is a Delaware residential lease agreement, it is applicable in the state of Delaware, United States of America. This form is intended to be used for the lease/rent and of a residential property that is within the jurisdiction of the state of Delaware.

Steps to complete this Delaware residential lease agreement:

  • In the first section add in the following details about the parties:
    • The full name of the landlord.
    • The full name tenant.
    • The tenant’s current address.
    • The tenant’s primary contact number and email address.
  • Next in the table provided you must enter the following details related to the tax and other charges that fall under this residential lease agreement.
    • The amount of rent that will be payable for the term of this lease.
    • The amount of security deposit to be paid.
    • The amount of tax (if applicable).
    • Any animal/pet deposit to be paid by the tenant to the landlord.
    • Any other charges as per the terms and conditions of the landlord.
  • The proper address of the residential property that is being leased, including the name of the city/town, County and the proper mailing address.
  • Next you must fill in the following details within the terms and conditions:
    • The date of commencement of this residential lease.
    • The date of termination of this residential lease.
    • The amount of rent to be paid monthly.
    • The day of the month on which the rent must be made payable on.
    • The address to which the rent must be signed by the tenant to the landlord on the date as said by this agreement.
  • The landlord must specify the maximum number of people that will be allowed to stay in the residents along with the tenant, and the number of days guests can stay in a calendar year.
  • The tenant cannot keep any pets or animals within the residential premises without the written consent of the landlord.
  • The tenant must comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all the qualities that operate under the jurisdiction of the state of Delaware.
  • The tenant must keep the residential premises well-maintained and repair during the term of this lease agreement.
  • In the inventory section of this bill of a residential lease agreement the landlord must include the appliances, furnishings and that will be provided along with the residential premises.
  • In the property is damaged beyond use by fire or from any other cause then either party can terminate this agreement on the date on which the damage occurred by giving them a written notice that they must receive within 15 days after the damage.

This is Delaware residential lease agreement has all the terms and conditions that are needed to properly execute a residential lease. In case you have any queries related to any of the terms and conditions in the document you can consult with an attorney.

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Delaware Residential Lease Agreement

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