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This is a General Month to Month Rental Agreement, it may be applicable to use in all States of the US. This agreement is used to create a lease agreement for a month-to-month basis. Since this is a legally binding document, you should consider consulting with an attorney before signing it.

Details to fill in this General Month to Month Rental Agreement:

  • Term of Lease:
    • Date on which the Lease term begins.
    • The number of days’ notice to be given by either the Landlord or Tenant, to modify or terminate this lease.
  • Landlord and tenant details:
    • The name of the landlord.
    • The mailing address.
    • The name of the tenant.
  • Details about the premises:
    • The street address.
    • Name of the city.
    • Name of the state.
    • ZIP Code.
    • Next the landlord has to fill in the details about any and all of the furnishings and appliances that will be provided along with the said premises.
    • Next the landlord has to fill in the restrictions that apply to any common areas for use which are shared between other tenants and/or the landlord.
  • Details about the use of the premises:
    • Whether the landlord will allow the tenant to make any alterations or improvements to the said premises.
    • Whether the tenant is allowed to have any pets on the said premises.
    • The premises will be used by the tenant for residential purposes only along with any minor children listed in section 2 of this agreement.
    • The tenant cannot entertain guests for more than a set number of days without the landlord’s written permission.
  • Details about the rent:
    • The amount of rent than the tenant will pay in monthly instalments.
    • The name in which the rent must be made payable.
    • The day of every month on which the rent will be due.
    • The address to which the rent payments will be made.
  • Details about the deposits and charges:
    • The amount of security deposit that has to be paid upon signing of the lease.
    • Advance rent that has to be paid upon signing of the lease.
    • But deposit (if any) that has to be paid upon signing of the lease.
    • The amount that will be charged as late fees for everyday delayed after the due date.
  • The rest of this document has terms and conditions that deal with subletting an assignment of the said premises, maintenance, landlord’s access.
  • Acts prohibited by the landlord, consequences of defaulting for both the tenant and the landlord, position of the said premises, disclosures.

The authorization of this General Month to Month Rental Agreement is completed when both the landlord and tenant sign at the bottom of this document and enter the date on which it was signed. If this lease was carried out with the help of a real estate agent, broker, salesperson then they too have two sign and the bottom of the document. You can download this agreement by clicking on the link below.

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General Month to Month Rental Agreement

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