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The Alaska Boat Registration Application (Form 841) is a form that must be filled and submitted to the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) in the state of Alaska. The form must be filled for registration of any new boat, transfer of ownership or renewal of registration as this is valid for 3 years.

Any powered boat meant to be operated within the state of Alaska must be compulsorily registered, and a certain fee is charged for this registration. This application can be used as a temporary registration for a period of up to 60 days.

How to Fill the Alaska Boat Registration Application

  • Begin by entering basic boat details such as the AK boat number, boat name (if applicable), reason for application (check any one) and also the class of the boat (check any one).
  • The next section is for a new boat, a transfer or if any information of the boat has changed. Enter the HIN (Hull Identification Number), ADF&G # (Alaska Department of Fish & Game), length of the boat in feet, make and year of the boat.
  • Next, check one box each for each of the following boat details – boat type, propulsion, use, fuel type and hull material. Also mention the hull color, trim color, cabin color and a contact number.
  • The next section is for the owner’s details. This includes all personal information such as the complete address, city, state and zip code (mailing and residence address both).
  • Also enter the full name of the owner (first, middle, last name) or of the company, social security number, date of birth and driving license number of the owner; enter all names if more than one owner.

After acknowledging that all of the above information is true and accurate, the owner must enter his full name and sign the document, along with the date of signature. To complete the formalities, this application must be either submitted in person or mailed to any DMV office.

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Alaska Boat Registration Application