Free University of Hawaii At Hilo Application Form | PDF | WORD

Any individual who wishes to apply for an admission in the University of Hawaii at Hilo can fill this form and submit it to the admissions office.

Follow the steps given below to understand and fill the form correctly.

The form begins with the academic year you are applying for followed by, if its fall or spring, social security number, full and legal name of the applicant (last, first, middle), gender, date of birth, birthplace, citizenship, visa type (if non-U.S. citizen), name of the high school graduated from or will graduate from, state / country of the high school, graduation date, current mailing address and permanent mailing address, phone number, email address and were any of your ancestors Hawaiian?


In the next section, choose your ethnicity and race followed by the choice of campus, majors and certificate or degrees you intend to seek. After that, list down all the College, University, Business and Post-Secondary School Attended, including any UH Campus and the one you are currently attending (if any) starting from the most recent one which should include the following details; Name of the institution, city / state / country, dates attended from and to, major, name of the degree, diploma or certificate and expected / received.

Lastly, below the undertaking certifying that the details mentioned above and the documents submitted along with this form are true to the best of my knowledge, sign the application form and choose if you wish to claim residency in the state of Hawaii and if yes then provide the residency declaration.

University of Hawaii At Hilo Application Form

Form Preview