Free Ontario Supplementary Scotiabank Credit Card Request Form | PDF | WORD

Any person who wishes to apply for a supplementary Scotiabank Credit Card can fill this form and submit it along with all the relevant documents to any branch or mail it to: Scotiabank, Customer Contact Centre, Box 4100, Postal Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1T1.


To understand and fill the form correctly, follow the instructions given below.

The form must begin with the personal and credit card account details including; credit card number, date, title, suffix, full and legal name (first, last, middle), date of birth, complete address with the zip code and country, home phone number, occupation & relationship to primary cardholder. This card is mailed to the primary cardholder and both primary and/or secondary cardholders must activate the card on behalf of the supplementary cardholder.

The next section explain the fees that are charged to the cardholder if and when they use the card and names the cards that have and the cards that don’t have fees annually. In the end of the document, the primary, the secondary and the supplementary card holders need to mention their full name and sign the form below the terms and conditions certifying that the aforementioned information and the documents submitted are true to the best of your knowledge and that both primary and secondary card holders are liable to any fees that are applicable on the supplementary card.

Supplementary Scotiabank Credit Card Request

Form Preview