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Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement between two or more parties to keep any given matter of confidentiality such as; data or intellectual property, etc., undisclosed from any third party for the security of the same.


The agreement contains the date on which it was entered or signed along with the full and legal names (first, middle, last) of all the parties involved in the process followed by their complete addresses with the zip code. After that the reason for which this agreement is made needs to be stated, for example: if this is related to a particular project then the name of the project needs to be stated.

The agreement also specifies all the terms, conditions and description of the boundaries of this agreement and summarizes the same in a eleven points which are; the definition of the confidentiality of this agreement, to what extent, when and by whom can the information be disclosed, use of confidential information, compelled disclosure of confidential information, term or tenure of this agreement, remedies, return of confidential information, notice of breach, no binding agreement for transaction, warranty and any other miscellaneous points which maybe of relevance to the reason. Lastly the agreement needs to be signed by all the parties involved in the process along with their full and legal names.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Sample

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